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Every element of the Jollibee Foundation logo is individually symbolic. As a whole, these different elements also derive meaning from each other to visually convey the core purpose of the Foundation.

This goal for a brighter and happier tomorrow is represented by the sun rising in the background. The sun also conveys the empowering and uplifting effect we want the programs to have on the Foundation and its partners.

The path towards a better future is not easy and it requires determination and hard work. This is captured by the presence of a hill, which the Foundation and its partners need to climb. Yet despite the challenge of climbing a hill, there are eight stepping-stones leading the way.

The eight stepping-stones represent the eight corporate values of Jollibee: customer focus, excellence, respect for the individual, teamwork, spirit of family and fun, humility to listen and learn, honesty and integrity, and frugality. These values provide us with a solid foothold and a guide to help us along the path of transformation.


*Logo design by Cheryl Tancaktiong*

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Jollibee Foundation is supported by the following brands under the Jollibee Foods Corp.

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