A message of thanks from Molocaboc Integrated School

Molocaboc Children

When Molocaboc Island was hit by Typhoon Yolanda in November last year, island life has changed tremendously. People didn’t know what to do, where to start, when to bounce back (if there is still a chance to bounce back). The challenge in school was on how to bring pupils back to school. It had been more than a week but kids weren’t back at school yet. We looked for ways on how to help parents so they can help send their kids back. It was a tough for everyone in school. Then help came in.

The Special School Feeding Program of Jollibee Group Foundation and University of St. La Salle Bacolod provided 619 pupils of Molocaboc Integrated School not only with food but lots of love and humanitarian compassion as well. Families may be able to provide food for their children even at a difficult time like a super typhoon but for institutions like Jollibee Group Foundation and University of St. La Salle Bacolod to take active part in this effort, the meaning of giving has changed. You feel loved, you feel nurtured and you see that a community is inspired.

Feeding kids thrice a week for 10 weeks was not an easy task. You needed to plan things out very well, advocate vigorously and invest extra time and effort to ensure that everything went well. This especially challenged me considering that Molocaboc Integrated School has the most number of recipients compared to most school feeding beneficiaries. I had to make sure that every major stake holder in school: teachers, parents, local officials, DepEd personnel, participate in this effort. By God’s grace and through the encouragement of the project lead Ms. Katherine Maguad and her team of esteemed young men and women from University of St. La Salle Bacolod, the school has successfully implemented the 10 week Special Feeding Program for the Yolanda-affected schools.

The school is also grateful to the Sagay City Nutrition Council headed by Ms. Vice Tajanlangit and to Ms. Grace Lanutan of DepEd Health and Nutrition Section for their commendable effort at ensuring that food supplies reach to the recipient schools. Most importantly, we sincerely thank the parents who devoted much of their home time to help us prepare the food and ensure that the kids are fed.

Roger Rochar

Mr. Roger Rochar, Principal
Molocaboc Integrated School
Sagay City, Negros Occidental

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