Apply for a scholarship on QSR operations!



  1. Interested applicant shall take the entrance exam at Anihan Technical School, Brgy. Tulo, Calamba City, Laguna. Testing period is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Look for the Registrar. Walk-in applicants will be entertained. You will be informed, right after, if you’ve passed or failed the exam.
  2. If you pass the entrance exam, you will be given an application form (or background information sheet) and the Registrar will schedule an interview for you and your parent/s or guardian. You’ll receive a text message, 3-5 days after the interview, if you’ve successfully qualified for the scholarship. Once qualified, please start compiling and accomplishing the following set of documents:
    • Parents Marriage Certificate (clear photocopy)
    • Baptismal Certificate (clear photocopy)
    • Certificate of Income Tax Exemption from BIR (Original) or Certificate of Indigency from the Barangay (original)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character from SHS (Original)
    • Senior High School Report Card (Form 137) (Original)
    • 1” x 1” sized ID Pictures (4 pieces, blue background. Wear sleeves and collar)
    • PSA (formerly NSO) Birth Certificate (original)
    • Medical Test Results (Original)
      • Chest X-Ray
      • Fecalysis
      • Urinalysis
      • Hepatitis

  3. Submit your complete set of documents on or before Thursday, February 28, 2019. We encourage you to submit these files as early as possible to give ample time for Anihan to process all your documents. Please take note that you will only be considered enrolled once ALL documents have been submitted to Anihan.




  1. What is Jollibee Group Foundation’s (JGF) tech-voc scholarship in Quick Service Restaurant Operations?

    JGF’s scholarship in QSR Operations is a 12-month, tech-voc course consisting of units in Bread and Pastry Production, Cookery, and Food and Beverage Services. Aside from these, the course provides administrative units essential in the QSR industry including Point-of-Sales system, stock inventories, and other related administrative tasks.

    Scholars will undergo a six-month in-school training and a six-month on-the-job training
    (OJT) at a reputable food service industry partner.

  2. Where will scholars study?

    Scholars’ in-school training will be held at Anihan Technical School (“Anihan”) in Calamba City, Laguna. Anihan is a technical-vocational institute established in 1986 and is owned by the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI), a non-profit organization promoting lifelong development for women.

    For the OJT, scholars will be assigned in various locations in South Luzon and Metro Manila where industry partners of Anihan are located. You may visit their website http://www.anihanschool.com/ for more info.

  3. What are the eligibilities for applying?

    Interested applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • ✓ Female, single and 18-21 years old
    • ✓ No misconduct record
    • ✓ At least 80% scholastic average
    • ✓ SHS Graduate or will graduate before June 2019
    • ✓ Combined family income of ₱200,000 or less
    • ✓ Willing to study and stay in Calamba City, Laguna for one year

  4. What qualifications will I earn after the Program?

    Graduates of the certificate course will earn the following TESDA National Certificate II (NCII) in:

    • Bread and Pastry Production
    • Cookery
    • Food and Beverage Services

    The OJT, meanwhile, will provide you with work experience and link you to food industry partners and job placement options.

  5. If I already graduated from an SHS-TVL food-related track, isn’t it repetitive to study food service again?

    No, the Program will not be repeating the same SHS curriculum that you have already taken. The course is designed to supplement and further develop competencies you earned in Senior High School. Another unique feature of the course is a focus on administrative competencies as applied in the context of QSR operations.

    In partnership with Jollibee Group Foundation, Anihan also provides strong character development through their curriculum and life skills training. The course will hone you in a more holistic manner to become a food service management professional in the future.

  6. I want to work right after SHS! How can the Program help me achieve my goal?

    The course aims to prepare SHS completers who are immediately aiming for gainful employment but may not be professionally and personally ready yet. Anihan and Jollibee Group Foundation will help scholars develop their knowledge and skills and link them up to job opportunities and industry partners during the Program.

  7. What will the scholarship grant cover?

    The JGF Scholarship Grant will cover the following:

    • Tuition and Technical Fees
    • Other Fees (uniform, seminars, graduation)
    • Lodging Allowance (for both in-school and on-the-job training)
    • Meal Allowance (for the in-school components: first 6 months)
  8. How do I apply?

    You may directly apply with Anihan Technical School under the Jollibee Group Foundation Scholarship. Look for Ms. Cherryl Sze (0917-658-1806), Program Coordinator, to schedule your entrance exam and interview.

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